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C9 Magnetic Stringers

C9 Magnetic string on 12" Spacing used for homes, office buildings, barns, and restaurants. These magnetic sockets will adhere to any ferrous metals(Iron and Steel) making for quick installations since there in no need for christmas light clips. Perfect for rooflines, building flashing, and gutters.  No need for screws, glues, clips just adhere the magnetic C9 socket to you metall surface saving time and labor cost.  We use Neodymium grade magnets which are the strongest magnets available.  Each magnet is is plated with nickel protective coating which prevent rust. 

All of our Magnetic C9 Strings can be used with our C9 incandescentC9 retrofit LED, G50 globe-shaped bulbs. 

C9 Magnetic spools available in lenghts of 500' and 250'(Plugs not included) and 100' and 25' with plugs

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